Hello, I'm Grub.
Art, Cosplay, and too many Selfies. I swear I don't have a Turian fetish. really big into Assassins Creed. James kidds the bae.

havent posted selfies in some time vuv

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 ewitsmyface;  selfie;  


I decided to give DeviantArt another try! 


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 i am the weenier….

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this cat. im surprised he does not hate us….

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more oc babes

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if these two don’t become canon I’m gonna shit  

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welp i did a thing. Taking Commissions! 

this is my first time doing it so aha….i hope the prices are ok ;A;

i just really need some extra cash and i was hoping to buy a tablet with commission money since i don’t have one. so these would probably be coming out slower then others. :/

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oh he y looks its the gay ass collage I made on our 5 month anniversary.   I could go on and on about how happy he has made me. From all the silly shit to comforting him by washing him back. I’m glad to have met him, Happy to have became friends with him, and ecstatic to be dating him. I’m glad for everything that has happened and i don’t regret anything for it has all lead me to this point. Been a pretty damn great run so far and I hope it continues for past this point. <3 

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ahah i have not posted any selfies in a long while.  got a hair cut :,>. altho im gonna grow some of it out. kinda like Jack from Mass Effect also i moved in with the bea and its been great so far!

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