Hello, I'm Grub.
Art, Cosplay, and too many Selfies. I swear I don't have a Turian fetish. really big into Assassins Creed. James kidds the bae.


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and heres a selfie from a while back

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select few of the boyfriend and I at the state fair ;v; 

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Why my boyfriend and i should not be allowed to decorate our apartment……this is in the shower…

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 waka;  okami;  grubart;  

been messing around with Copics .u.

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 oc;  grubart;  

draw Uta for a friend 

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i have come to terms that i am Jojo Trash

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and there he is. the bea. god i love James Kidd. My boyfriend even let me use his copics .u. so im really happy with how this came out.

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